Blueberry the Teddybear

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Nov 152011

HIYA! I thought I would introduce people to my bestest friend in the world. This is Blueberry and he is a teddybear. He is blue and soft and happy all the time. You can see he is an old bear as he is worn and slightly stained. Blueberry is my stuffed teddybear and I’ve had him for a long time now. I first got him when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old, making him almost 15 years old. I won him as a prize at a game in Busch Gardens Williamsburg themepark in Virginia. A guy had to guess three things about me and get them right. I think they were like, how old I was, where I was from and maybe my weight. He got everything wrong so I won Blueberry. Nowadays Blueberry is very special to me and he has seen quite a bit in his lifetime. He has survived as a Veteran of stuffed animal wars during my childhood and has starred alongside me in several of my homemade pornographic adventures, you can see him sitting in the background of some of my home videos. Maybe he can go pro one day and I’ll let him sit by in a pro scene lol. Anyway, Blueberry wanted to say hi to everyone, enjoy this cute portrait I took of him.




R.I.P. Ham Ham 2009-2011

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Aug 042011

He died last night due to unknown causes. I wuv you little Ham Ham!

I bought him in early 2009 where he was already a 5-6 months old from a pet store in Albany, NY. He was very friendly quickly and he loved to run around and climb. He even liked to lick our cat Gracie. Ham Ham stopped being able to poop about a day after I left to go to LA, possibly constipation and also had a big problem with the growth of his teeth where they were growing in bent and sideways. He was taken to the vet on Tuesday where his teeth were clipped short and we began feeding him a special food through a saringe into his mouth to try and get him to eat more and hopefully start to poop. I found him dead in his cage today when I woke up. I will be burying him in the backyard like I did with all my hamsters when I was a child. He was such a cute little hamster and a good one too. He never bit me.

RIP Ham Ham

Friend’s Wedding :D

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May 292011

Rooftop wedding, 300 people, live band, 10 course meal, open bar hehehe. I got a bit drunk ^^

May 132011

I got so excited that I pretty lit up like a Christmas tree lol. heheheh i couldn’t wait to put them on and show you guys! I’ll be taking better pics with these shoes later on, i hope you enjoy these for now!

They feel a little tight around the toes, I hope breaking them in won’t be too much of a pain :/  And if everything goes well, I’ll be wearing these to my friends’ wedding yayayayaya!

May 052011

One of my friends from facebook shared this link :P

It’s sooo cute~! The ears wiggle and move based on your brainwaves! DO WANT! Just take all my monies plox!


I REAAALLY want to try Tera Online. The Elin race looks soooooo cuuuuutee! Too bad right now the only way to play it is if you live in South Korea, cuz it needs a Korean number and stuff :(

Who knows when this game will come out in NA/EU…  So if you live in SK, and you don’t mind helping me out a bit, please register for the Open Beta Test and make a few accounts. I believe each person can make up to 3 accounts, so if you want to play together, we can! Here’s the link:

Contact me on facebook, or email me ( if you’re interested in helping me out! Thank you!

5Darktrap MK.II pt.1

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Jan 052011

The Cannon 5D Mk.II can is so awesome that it can make anyone look good :D

Thanks for gifting me these dotted pantyhose for Christmas. They look cute on me don’t you think?

Oh and don’t forget to vote for TrapGirfriend if you have an account for one of those sites. Thank you!

Shopping with Ayu!

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Dec 052010

I hung out with Ayu at the mall today! I took these pics before leaving the house, i hope you liek :3

Today was her first time going outside in GIRL MODE! ZOMG she’s so brave, its awesome and I’m sooo proud of you! Her outfit reminded me of one of those hipster girls, in a good way lol; it was pretty cute. I still think she should not worry so much about wearing heels and having back problems later in life!

Anyways, Ayu is definitely passing cuz she went to the girl’s bathroom at macy’s and nothing bad happened and no one freaked out. YAY! Oh and her voice was totally passable too! Ayu, hurry up and write for trapgirlfriend! lololololol.

I didn’t buy anything at stanford shopping center, but Ayu bought a ton of clothes from gap and makeover+makeup from sephora. XD so much monies gone!

Oct 292010

I was looking through my closet earlier and I noticed that I don’t really have anything cute for the cold days… and it’s getting cold here in LA. So I went to and started browsing though their stuff; most of my stuff are from there anyway :)

What do you think of these two outfits? Hehehe, I like them both quite alot and they should be here sometime next month!


AKA There’s no way my little sister can be this cute!

I’m currently downloading this :) But I have no idea what to expect because I have no idea what it’s about besides that it looks cute and somewhat perverted lol.

Go here if you want to view more images of said anime.

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