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Hi, I'm Vanna =) I'm 25, 5'8" and 115 lbs. Like many girls here, I too feel I was born the wrong gender. So, two years ago I began the process of gender reassignment to transition into a female. I can easily say I've never been happier. I live a perfectly normal life as female and things really couldn't be much better. About me: I'm totally obsessed with Siamese cats I play piano, and guitar... and if you're lucky, I might just write you a theme song =) I grew up in the south, have a bachelors degree in accountancy and am hostess of a YouTube channel dedicated towards helping Trans Women. That's it.. for now =)


OK, so you may have already figured out where this is going!

Yesterday, I flew home from Mississippi to Portland.  I arrived at the airport around 4:45 AM, got checked in and proceeded to go through security.  However, when it came to be my turn to go through the metal detector, I noticed that there was no metal detector.  Instead, they have these new full body scanners that require you to make an awkward pose for a few seconds, and then step forward to a security officer who gets clearance from the examiner to let you pass.  So, I go through this machine, walk to the woman and she waits for clearance.  Suddenly, her earphone radio starts going crazy, and the woman has this confused look on her face and is saying “what…?  what..?”  Then she quickly radios for another female officer to come immediately.  So, some other woman runs out of nowhere with her earphone radio going crazy too… and I can hear it saying “That girl has something bulky in her crotch.”  So all the sudden they start freaking out and take me to some remote security room and sit me down in the interrogation chair.  So now I’m in this room with 2 black female security guards, and one then puts on this blue glove (and they are pissed off btw) and says ok miss is there anything you need to tell us?  So I bust off laughing and I’m like yeah, I was born a boy and I still have my parts.  So now they are even more confused, and say what???  So, I repeat myself and then say look, the scar from my adam’s apple is right here.  Then the girl goes “Fo Real??”  and I was like yeah for real!  And they start hooting and hollaring  and laughing, asking me all these questions about my personal life, and complimenting me, saying that they can’t believe it, and that I made their day… and I sat in there and chatted with them for like 10 minutes.  By the time I left we were all best friends, but still it was so super embarrassing.

SO, point being… beware when you are flying because with these new scanners you are probably going to be flagged and searched.

To keep my posts consistent, I’ll attach this picture of me in a guitar shop in Mississippi, even though it’s completely irrelevant to the story =)

Dec 102010

I’ve been back in Mississippi for almost a week now, and am having a pretty good time.  I’ve spent a lot of my time with my friend Christopher, going back and forth between his house in the country and my house.  He’s been commissioned to do paintings of a bunch of people around town, so we’ve been making lots of short trips to the store for supplies, and then back out to the house for touch ups.  Christopher is the best graphite pencil artist you’ll ever see… his work is so amazing that it’s hard to tell if it’s actually drawn, or if it’s a photograph!  His stepdad is Gerald DeLoach, a very famous southern painter who is world renowned for his artwork.  Gerald has been working on a portrait of me and I finally get to see it now that I am home… although it’s not finished!

Here are some pictures of me with my portrait, Christopher working on his paintings, and Gerald’s painting (landscape paintings).

I’m also including my favorite graphic pencil drawing that Christopher has ever done (it’s the last picture)… it’s just unbelievable (it took him 50 hours).  Yes, he will draw you for a price! =P

Back in Mississippi!

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Dec 072010

So, I suddenly had to travel back home to be with my family in Mississippi.  I was planning to come back in mid December and stay through Christmas.  However, my grandfather suddenly passed away and I had to immediately come home.  The funeral was such an amazing one though… we had a fantastic speaker and a beautiful arrangement with his doctors bag on the casket.  It was really really special.  It will be really strange with him gone… he was a father figure to everyone, including the grandchildren.  I will miss him a lot.

So, I probably won’t be posting much for this month because I am going to be in Mississippi until Dec 27th… and then I have a ton of work to catch up on when I get back in Portland.

This pic was taken this morning in my house… I really do love this house =)

Dec 022010

If you look back at my very first post on here, I had just started work on cleaning out a bedroom to turn it into a guest room. Well, i’ve been working on this guest room every weekend since that post… repainting, having the carpet removed, the floors sanded, stained, varnished, having curtains made, buying a mattress, a makeup vanity, T.V, beddings, etc..
Well, I finally have it completed (almost) I still need to get a wall mount for my T.V, and small table and also a small rug for the middle. of the room… Oh, and hang stuff up on the walls.  Still, it’s pretty much complete! This guest room sort of turned into my new bedroom… but still, if anyone comes to visit, they will probably sleep in this room. So, who wants to come visit? =)

Oh, sorry my feet are so dirty in the last picture.  I had been outside… I walk around barefoot outside… remember, I am from Mississippi =)

Nov 292010

Somebody asked me to show them how to make a side pony tail, so I made them this video.  However, I haven’t posted on here in about a month, so I thought I’d post this =)

Oct 312010

Eric took some pictures of me while I was getting ready to go out for Halloween.  I was a cheerleader =P   I had to wear tights and a leotard though because it’s so ridiculously cold in Oregon already.

This is the room I’ve been fixing up, it’s almost done now though… just have to move furniture in and make curtains.  So, sorry for all the paint buckets and cleaning supplies in the background.  Also, a lot of the pics didn’t focus right =(


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Oct 312010

Somebody from YouTube just sent me a message, saying he had drawn a caricature of me… and then emailed it to me. I am beside myself, that’s so so sweet… especially since I’ve never talked to this person before until today. I am very flattered, so I thought I would post! This was just very sweet of him =)

Oct 262010

So, I’m stuck in the house because I’m really sick =(

Usually, when i get really sick, I get in warm comfortable cloths and play the piano, because there is really nothing else to do.  So, I thought I’d address a popular question I get from YouTube, on how to create a piano song.  I’m surprised I made it through this video without sneezing or coughing… because I haven’t stopped since I turned off the camera.  The video is mostly improv, but it gives an idea of how I do my songs… or more importantly, ideas for how to do yours!  =P

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic


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Oct 212010

I’ve been sort of sick the last week and haven’t been doing much or making any posts, and I am so incredibly bored.  I did play a lot of Halo Reach, but now that’s boring too.   So, I went out and bought some new cat toys yesterday and have been having lots of fun with my kitties.  I need to go back to work tomorrow, I have  so much to catch up on.   Anyway, I thought I’d post some pics.

The one with my cat, Luigi, is funny because it looks like I have an amputee arm.

New Bedroom

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Oct 122010

I’m back from D.C., but still so exhausted from the trip home.  Now that I am back, I have to continue working on my new bedroom upstairs that will be my dressing/makeup/guest bedroom.  I started fixing the room up on the first day I posted on this site… so it’s been going on for quite a while.  I just bought antique makeup vanity, and my new mattress should be here this weekend… so hopefully it will all be finished soon.  Then I can have guests come stay =)

Here is a pic in the new bedroom, I just painted the room purple.

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