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Jan 132013

This will be my last post on here. I have come to realize that posting on here any longer just seems like a bad career move as well as a life choice. I have been considering going the way of Katie (darktrap) for some time now and leave the internet scene all together.

I have also realized that majority of the people who still do follow this blog are looking for porn or a porn star. This is something I just refuse to give and would never deliver upon.  If anything, I posted just some ecchi shots at most. Majortity of my pics were either for fun or charting progress. I never even took a clear face shot along side my body so what little incriminating pictures that are floating around the internet should be relatively safe.

I would love to continue to share my anime posts with you all thou but I think I can accomplish that with a separate blog. Over the next few days I’ll be copying and pasting my posts and your comments into a single document for me to read over if I ever feel down. Then I guess Katie will shut the site down in time. Hopefully she won’t do it until majority of you read this post.

I appreciate those of you who have been there for me when I needed it the most. However, as I am full time now I don’t think I need to continue recording my plight here.

Otaku san, Thank you for keeping me sane with anime comments and posts.
Rory and Usagi, if you can figure out a way to contact me. I would love to keep you added as a friends because you guys were genuinely concerned with my life and mental well being.
Actually i think i can find your emails from the site admin) You’ll get an email shortly.

Once again. THANK YOU for all of your continued support over these past 3 years. I will never forget how much you guys helped me out.

-Erika (Umbra)

Bye bye

*I was kind of tearing up as I wrote this letter*

Merry X-mas

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Dec 242012

Been watching a lot of bizarre foods lately really interesting program.

Ok, I was saving this post until I finished watching Robotics;note and Shinsekai Yori. But, lets be honest. I’ll prolly never get around to watching them.

Fall Anime Line Up LETS GET TO IT

  • Btooom! – By far the best anime this season. If there is no second season I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. I heard it wasn’t that well received in Japan. People are gathered on a deserted island and are forced to play a real live version of a videogame involving bombs. Lots of gore and action.
  • Sukitte Ii na yo- Best romance this season. REALLY GOOD
  • Magi. Somewhat based off Arabian Nights. But this is really good! Highly recommended! something new/change of pace based in the middle east
  • Psycho-Pass- A futuristic society where people are controlled by their psych evaluation. Main character is a detective and there are tons of violence and decapitations etc
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo- Group of misfits all living in a single house. All of them are talented, Voice actress, animator, story writer, painter and programmer. Pretty funny stuff
  • Girls und Pander. Girls and Tanks. You would think that the combo of moe girls and tanks would be a terrible TERRIBLE idea. BUT the tank battles are REALLY WELL DONE. too bad the next episode will be in march
  • Chuunibyou-demo Koi ga Shitai!- KyoAni does it again. I’ll admit I cried twice….. My dad never loved me ~_~’ Anywho, the show is a comedy romance. But the kids like to play “pretend” at school.
  • Zetsuen no Tempest- Shakespeare’s Tempest + anime + mages and tons of plot twists. Lots of arguing as well.
  • [K] – Gang warfare, diff colors are awarded diff powers. New and upcoming studio as well. Only problem I have with this series is that the animation is just too bright. Hurts the eyes.
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun- This is a romantic comedy but just a little over Meh. It’s decent but Sukitte Ii na yo out classes it in every-way.
  • Ixion Saga DT- Hilarious comedy with some features of the Monster Hunter game series. The Characters DT and ED (Japanese for virgin and erectile dysfunction. Also there is an attractive trap in there! I really liked this as my pure comedy this season.



  • Busou Shinki- Figures that are alive and moe
  • Onii-chan Dakeko Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne- moe blob incest etc etc
  • Little Busters!- Can’t get through with any episode with out having to fast forward
  • Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de – SO BAD 1st EPISODE AND I DROPPED IT!
  • Code Breaker- sexy guys with powers, pretty decent buuuuuuut the lack of guy on guy action drops it to meh.


  • Bakuman 3- still love this show
  • Narufag- Ninja war
  • To Love-Ru Darkness- Excellent ero stuff. Better with out all the censorship. Might as well go for full on hentai lol
  • Hayate no Gotoku! I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You- diff studio picked up the Hayate franchise. Drawn diff, the story was alright but was predictable.
  • Jormungand PERFECT ORDER- Still really good. Highly recommended to everyone
  • Sword Art Online- End of Sword Art Online. Good ending, just wish it wasn’t so leafa intensive. Needed more kirito x asuna.  overall series 10/10 deff worth the watch. UTW best sub group
  • Fairy Tail- Magic games (Magic Olympics?)
  • Seitokai no Ichizon Lv2- same old same old, only available in low quality, wait until the blue ray/dvd drops
  • Chitose Get You! – funny short 5 min episodes


  • Strike Witches the Movie- If you watched the series you must watch this, just a really long episode but was really good

Looking forward to Nekomonogatari 1 hour special!!!!

Stay updated for an X-mas picture on Star-sama’s Trap Heaven’s Christmas gallery. after a few days I’ll post it here as well

Nov 302012

been gettin requests to update this blog….. Was thinking about letting it die, I’m not sure Katie wants it up anymore anyways.
Got new clothes from black friday will take pics and share when they all come in. Busy College kicking my ass

Do you guys still want me to do the anime stuff? Some people seem to be against it. Guessing those are only the pervs thou who don’t care about anything else except getting their jollies off ~_~

I don’t have many like causal going out tops… Mostly just women’s tee shirts. Basically I got 2 of these tops from black Friday, one red and one purple. I also got a black long sleeve petite top but it feels like it’s a bit big even though it’s small. What I need is more like outer layer stuff if that makes sense XD Like jackets and sweaters right now all I got is a really thick one, and a cute half cut one. I’ll take a few more pics later, nothing really much to show off thou, just the same thing but diff color haha.

Sep 272012

So this is just a filler post because I don’t think I will  be making any big post until like 2-3 weeks from now. (When the fall anime season has 1-2 episodes already in)

Omg end of Summer is just too much for me!! Too many good things ended

  • Jinrui wa suitai shimashita
  • Accel World
  • Binbougami ga
  • Kokoro Connect (only 17 episodes) weird #

Thank god Sword Art Online isn’t ending until Fall
SPEAKING OF FALL ( I won’t get too detailed as I’ll save my stuff for the real animu post, This is just what I’m lookin forward to)

  • Jormungand Season 2 !!!!!!!
  • Hayate no Gotoku
  • Bakuman 3
  •  Robotics note (stien;sgate)
  • Psycho-Pass

If my calculations are correct I’ll be watching 25+ series this fall

I took this from Chartfag, and he is right on the money in my option.


  1. Everything is interesting until proven otherwise. Going in with a closed mind is the surest way to miss out on the Next Big Thing.
  2. There is no such thing as a sure-fire hit. Everything has a chance of sucking.
  3. Good staff can raise shit source material, and shit staff can rise to good source material. But shit staff and shit source material will always produce a shit anime.

Lol and if you heard what’s coming out in Winter?!

  • Panty and stocking 2
  • Chihayafuru 2!
  • Fate Stay Spin off series with Ilya!!
  • Yotsuba
  • 4th Rozen maiden

I’m sure it’s incomplete and prolly wrong but what’s wrong with gettin my hopes up?


I’ve been doing nothing but nerdin’ out big time.
Watched all of the following in a single day in this order:

  • X-men First Class, (pixie > angel)
  • Wolverine Origins (terrible don’t even get me started on their concept of deadpool)
  • Thor (sexy as hell)
  • Captain America
  • Hulk (the good one)
  • The Avengers (fucken amazing)
  • The Punisher
  • The Punisher Warzone

You guys prolly don’t know this but I also read comics!! Huge fan of the X-men series. Not the major one legacy or astonishing. (although I am fond of armor) I always liked the teenage school kind of environment. In the New X Mutants it was a bunch of mutants instead of the old ones everyone is familiar with. Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of cyclopes, wolverine, emma frost, etc etc. They kill off characters only to bring them back from alternate universes which makes no friggen sense!

Fav mutant has to be DJ (New X Mutants) but since no one knows him or where he’s from, I’ll settle for Multiple man (Jamie Madrox) possibly the best ability out there imo. Of course like all trans I would love to have the ability to change into a girl but lol in the marvel universe this just seems so much more useful. Aside from Dj’s power

I finally caught up with one of my favorite comic series of all time, Avenger Academy. Where a group of superhumans who were tortured and experimented on by Norman Osborn (villain from spiderman) are mashed together and enrolled into the Avenger Academy where they must overcome what Osborn has done to them, both physical and mental, they will have to learn to work together as a team as they face off against some of the toughest villains in the Marvel Universe.
I really liked this series Hazmat ended up being one of my fav characters (girl in the hazmat suit). There is a gay guy in that group which didn’t take be by surprise because X-men was basically a comic version of gay/race acceptance . However, I love how more and more characters in the marvel universe are coming out. I feel it’s really saying something to the youths that still reads comics. It’s okay to be a __(mutant)___ and you’re not alone, people will accept you for who you are. With the popularity of The Avengers and all the other Marvel movies, I feel like this is a step in the right direction.

This is a convenient little segway I managed to make for myself. I’ve watched the entirety of Adventure Time on the notion that it was a kid’s show that had subliminal lesbians in it. Like I was saying before, even though Cartoon Network won’t admit to it, I still feel having subliminal undertones is a step in the right direction. Kudos to Mr. Ward.
read more about the episode in question here

Another reason I started watching this was because it’s a kid’s show but what the kids don’t know is that it takes place in a post apocalyptic earth. The theory is The Great Mushroom Wars and is referred to quite a bit in the show. If you look closely enough at the backgrounds and even in the opening sequence you can see nuclear warheads and trees that survived a blast of some sort.


In other news, Return to Ravnica comes out this Friday (pre-release) All the old ravnica “shock lands” have been reprinted and the guilds are looking more bad ass than ever! I can’t wait dunno which event I’m goin’ to this weekend but I’m deff going to one. RAKDOS BABY!!!

Turning 22 years old in less than a month!!!

My Mom left for Hawaii today and then she’ll be in Korea by next week. She asked me if I wanted anything, all I could think about was asking her to get me some traditional Hawaiian clothes for women, I always wanted to wear those skinny dress like things. Too embarrassing to ask her to do that for me :/ It’s fine thou, once I graduate from CSU I’ll be able to get a paid vacation in Hawaii ^_^ so I guess I’ll pick it up then haha.

Well, that just about does it, I think I’ll make a post later and dedicate it to just web comics.

Obama wins by landslide

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Sep 112012


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Aug 292012


Pretty sure you guys want me to post content aside from swimsuit pics? idk pretty sure no one is going to read this and just look at those pics only…. lol

Um thanks to Otaku-san and Josh, for donating $ for my trip!! I was able to go to the beach as a girl, got sunburnt and yeah…. Also i got board shorts just because it better suits me imo, but i needed the bikini underneath because my peen kinda extruding and was a visible bump. Also got the wrong size shorts, i got a size 1 but should of got a size 0. Oh yeah, no beach pics because i got an expensive camera and the beach in LA …. shit would get stolen so fast… like my laptop 2 years ago T_T

Started Fall semester 3 business classes and 1 math class (the one I fucked up on last semester) I think i’m going to be over loaded T_T but w/e stuff has to get done in order for me to transfer and lead a successful life. Still going to college in boy mode, it’s way to scary to go to college in girl mode and have them call attendance and answer by my boy name ~_~. Also there are a ton of attractive girls there and I feel judged…. lol

I’m plannin on transferring and starting my University of California college as a girl thou, but idk about the dorms… I feel that living with 4 other girls will cause more drama and be more stressful than living with 4 other guys.

anywho i am trying to work on my girl voice, anyone have any pointers? Keep it simple please because I’m already gettin confused by online tutorials

Also Sword Art Online , Accel World,  Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, Hyokka, and (I’ll prolly gett flamed for likeing a moeblob)  Joshiraku. Best animes of the season.

Kinky Kaiti

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Aug 182012

Me and Jim have been exploring what kinda stuff he’s into! Check out some of this HOT stuff!



Aug 172012


( Road trip tiems XD )

hehe….. bound

Also beach pics hopefully haha

Kaiti Vegas Update

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Aug 162012

HIYA GUISE!! Postin’ this from my new apartment in LAS VEGAS!

Let’s see what’s been going on with Kaiti:

During my time in Los Angeles last month, I shot a few scenes for Shemale Yum, Shemale Pornstar and Shemale Strokers. So far, to my knowledge, only a couple of these scenes have been released… and these will be my last scenes EVER. My new found relationship with Jim has reached a point in which several things have struck me; first of all, that I have become distracted from accomplishing the things in life I wanted to set out for as goals, such as completing college and getting a career in law enforcement. Secondly, I now feel it is time to move on in my goals of transsexual transition and seek what would make me feel complete, both in mind and body, by preparing for sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) and become the woman I’ve desired to be since childhood. Hopefully, within the next two years, maybe sooner, after complying with requirements from both the current WPATH standards of care and my insurance company policies regarding coverage of sex change operations, I can complete my physical transition. Thirdly, my relationship with Jim has reached a strong point and a close bond that I want to settle down and enjoy the future life I have wanted, with a strong loving relationship and career. The four months that me and Jim have been together have been hard and testing as we both fought together through our hardships in life and we are both now in true love and committed to each other. :D <3


Anyway, me and Jim are now living in Las Vegas. We have a cute, small apartment near the Strip. Below is the view from our house at night:

Our apartment gets all kinds of cool freebies like utilities and stuff included in the rent. We do get free internet access but its kinda crappy. Me and Jim have been spending alot of our time in the past couple weeks getting settled as Nevada residents and finding new work. I’ve begun the process for registering to be a county employee so I can work as a Security Officer within the state. In other news, my dad’s 2nd anniversary of his death is on the 20th and me and Jim are going to Red Rock Canyon to lay his ashes to rest. Before my dad died, he wished that he could live in the Nevada/Arizona desert.

Yesterday me and Jim went food shopping at Wal-Mart and I took him on his dare for me to go out dressed like a schoolgirl. We had fun shopping. The men kept checking me out and Jim made faces to scare them to stop looking at me. Meanwhile all the fat chicks kept giving bad looks. U JELLY? LOL. This one guy with his two young daughters walked by me and was checking me out. Noticing his daughters were with him, he made them walk ahead so he could keep checking me out. Jim thought it was hilarious. Another family walked by and a little girl told her mom that she wanted my outfit and the mom turned to see me and her jaw dropped and said NO honey, I don’t think so!

Our time in Vegas has been both fun and irritating. The other day, when attempting to go to Wal-Mart, I was stopped at a stop light, behind two other cars. A dumb lady in her shitty Scion xB decided waiting in traffic for the red light to change thought going around me, in a construction zone, would somehow make the light change faster. In the process of this, she hit my new Nissan Pathfinder, sideswiping it, scratching and denting my rear driver side quarter panel. Having struck it once, she decided not to stop, and kept squeezing through, striking my truck AGAIN, causing further paint job and dent damage to my truck and of course, her shitty xB. This stupid act made me think she was gonna try to flee from the accident so I pursued her until she pulled over. After she attempted to give me an expired insurance card, I called the police and a motorcycle cop showed up after waiting for about 45 minutes in the Vegas heat. After another 30 minutes of waiting for the officer to write the accident report, we decided to just head home than go to Wal-Mart.

Me and Jim have been playing around with bondage alot. You all know that I enjoy being tied up so he has become quite kinky and now enjoys tying me up and being naughty!

Jul 232012

Anyone heard or read this bullshit yet?




Well, if you didn’t, here’s the synopsis. Some faggot who was scared of going bald decided to go to some random ass online pharmacy based out of India and proceeded to order and then take what HE claims was “Propecia” aka Finasteride, an anti-balding medication. It also happens that Finasteride is used in treating transsexual women (MtF) as an anti-androgen (a testosterone blocker). The effects are quite self-explanatory. The decrease in testosterone has several effects on men, of them, the use of the drug, preventing baldness. Other effects of an anti-androgen are infertility, loss of sex drive, impotence and reduction of shit like acne, facial oils, etc. Well, this retard took this medication, without doctor prescription, from INDIA, to stop his baldness and SOMEHOW MAGICALLY he claims that it turned him into a woman. The effects of Finasteride ALONE somehoe magically induced breast growth and as he defines “homosexual urges”. This fucking moron is now trying to sue Merck, the pharmacuetical company that makes Propecia, for ONE FUCKING BILLION DOLLARS in damages because the PILLS he was taking ILLEGALLY from INDIA magically mind-brainwash-fucked him into turning into a woman. His stupidity in addition he CHOSE to not STOP taking these meds and divorced his wife, left his child, quit his job and whines and bitches how his life is ruined.

Well, here is a message from KittyKaiti, a REAL TRANSSEXUAL, to this fucking fake faggot retard wannabe, WILLIAM “Mandi” MCKEE:

Attention retarded faggot, you will not be allowed to destroy everything the REAL transsexual community has worked for, for decades. We have fought for many years for our equal freedoms and rights in this fucking shitty country and for some retard like you to claim to be a transwoman because some fucking illegal pill you bought from India turned you into a woman (which is a blatant and retarded-ass lie) is a threat to my personal rights in this country, especially as your false and retarded story spreads virally across the internet and news media. YOU CANNOT BECOME A WOMAN BY TAKING FINASTERIDE. I WAS ON FUCKING FINASTERIDE and its effects were weak and ineffective in aiding my transition, which had already been underway for YEARS. FOR ANY TRANSSEXUAL TO TRANSITION, we require more than a half-asses Indian black market quality anti-baldness drug to even begin to change physically from looking male to looking female. You are a lying sack of shit and disgracing me and every real true transsexual who has ever transitioned and faced the REAL bullshit, transsexuals must deal with from the public and the retarded inbred Feds in our governments. For you, to notice these effects by taking Finasteride and IGNORE THEM, to the point that your physical changes became so severely apparent, that you chose to NOT STOP TAKING THESE BLACK MARKET PILLS FROM INDIA and LEAVE YOUR WIFE AND CHILD and QUIT YOUR JOB and LEAVE YOUR HOME and then BITCH ABOUT IT and BLAME MERCK and wage this false fight against Merck is beyond offensive to me and all transsexuals globally. Unlike your CHOICE to STAY on these medications which you claim INDUCED your desires and NOT quit taking them to make the desires go away, people like me were BORN with these desires to be what our genes are not and must suffer through and face all the bullshit like bullying, harassment, severance from our friends and family, loss or denial of employment and housing discrimination and inability to earn an income because the world hates us so much. FUCK YOU, WILLIAM. You are NOT and NEVER will be a transsexual nor a woman. You are a fake and an embarrassment and a destructive threat to the nationwide image of transsexual women. You need to STOP, immediately, your false campaign of lies against Merck which will DEVASTATE the transsexual community and our ability to further our rights in this county. FUCK YOU. Take your blog down and shut the fuck up.

Meanwhile, for anyone else out there, seeking real information on the effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that transsexuals, both male and female go through to become their desired sex, read below:

1. Finasteride is a form of anti-androgen. While its primary advertised use by the manufacturer (Merck) is for preventing baldness, its anti-androgen effects have been noted by doctors who treat transsexual women (Males to females) to aid in their physical transition. Anti-androgen are a vital medication of the three primary medications transsexual women use to induce physical changes. These testosterone blockers are used to shut down our testosterone levels which reduces the body’s ability to produce testosterone, which is what makes boys who enter puberty become masculine. An anti-androgen will cause infertility, as result of the medication damaging and shrinking and shutting down the testicles and their ability to create sperm. The sex drive is effected, causing arousal to decrease and often impotence (the inability to get an erection). Other effects include the cease of hair-loss, the slow of body hair growth and the significant reduction in facial oils which create acne like pimples and zits. The ability to induce muscular development through exercise is weakened and slowed to the strength similar to women. The testicles will shrink over time and the penis as well. Another major anti-androgen medication prescribed to transsexual women, like me, is Spironolactone. While also not specifically designed for turning men into women, Spiro is a heart medication.

2. Estrogen is the second vital medication any male to female transsexual would need to transition. Said fucktard above, did NOT claim to use such a medication EVER. Estrogens, such as Premarin, Estradiol and others are used to add into a male’s system estrogen, the primary hormone found in women which at puberty, induce girls to grow up with female development and secondary sex characteristics such as the growth of breasts, the lightening of the voice (debated), the thinning of body hair, the regrowth of lost male pattern baldness spots, the feminization and re-distribution of body fat into female locations (such as the hips, breasts, ass and thighs) and the re-development and feminization of the muscles which are weakened into a feminine state and when exercise is done, develop in a female form. The breasts that grow are also capable of producing mammary glands and milk when high dosages of estrogen are prescribed. Lactation is reported and I have experienced small amounts of such. The sex drive is altered into a female manner in which things I used to feel as arousing and pleasuring have changed. It is debated whether taking estrogen could induce a small level of psychological changes (inducing femininity and female personality traits). In my own experience, this is untrue. While the estrogen itself causes chemical changes in the brain, like increased emotional response to stimuli, such as more frequent crying and easily upset and especially in early stages of the HRT process, taking estrogen, WILL NOT CAUSE YOU TO BECOME A FLAMER. A person who has always like men, will still like men. A person who has always liked women, will still like women. Bisexuals will continue to be bisexual. No medication on this planet can induce a person to change their brain from man to woman or vice versa nor induce faggotry. It just doesn’t work that way.

3. Progesterones are sometimes prescribed by doctors in HRT processes to increase the effectiveness of the other two medications, which can increase the speed of breast growth and physical feminization, such as body fat distribution and muscle changes. In my case, while taking the Spironolactone and Estradiol alone was effective in my transition, the introduction of Provera (medroxiprogesterone), a progesterone medication, significantly increased the speed and effectiveness of my breast growth and the overall feminization process.

Without these medications, working together at the same time, HRT transition will not work at all and only the effects of the specific single medication you are taking will be noted, as in dipshit’s case, his taking of an anti-androgen, especially such a weak medication, in the low dosage that any man would even take for preventing hair-loss, in worst case scenario, would induce infertility and impotence and noted muscular weakening and maybe decreased acne. In the end, this lying sack of shit was either given some insane Indian black market tranny-creating magic pill or he has been taking more than just this Propecia for the past nine months of his supposed consumption of said medication and is lying, hoping that his absurd ONE BILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT against Merck will buy him a free sex change and a gigantic mansion to fill with dildos and faggots like himself.

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